Smart Gas

Mobile Application & Web site

About the project

SmartGas helps fleets and gas stations increase their profitability by cutting logistic and marketing costs. Automated identification system of vehicles and drivers, provides exact and simplest process of paying for fuel for fleets and gas stations.

Smart Gas Global Ltd.
UI/UX research and designMobile App: Flutter/DartBackend: Laravel/PHP


Gas stations cannot actively influence their turnover and the number of customers, as they do not have a direct communication channel with drivers, except for the gas station cashier. Companies need a tool that would allow targeted communication with every motorist

Quick Refueling

The application has an interactive map with the nearest gas stations and full information about each station. The user selects a gas filling station, type of fuel, quantity in liters or tanks and refuels his car. Moreover user is able to pay directly in the app. The app allows you to optimize the costs of companies and exclude the transfer of coupons to third parties.


Smart Shop

Users can order food and drinks from the diner at the gas station - right on the way. You can select a gas station, place orders from the menu and goods and pay directly in the application. By the time the user arrives, the order will already be prepared and all that remains is to pick it up.


How we helped business

With the help of the application, gas stations began to directly inform customers about promotions and bonuses. And they increased the flow of motorists due to the new opportunities that SmartGas opened up. So the drivers were able to choose the stations with the best price for fuel. Refuel the car without leaving the salon, because we have fully automated the process: when the type of fuel and volume are selected, the application sends a signal to the dispenser and the payment is debited from the linked card, without the participation of the cashier. Corporate clients received a completely transparent history of spending on fuel in the application, eliminating theft and loss of fuel. In total, SmartGas increased the volume of fuel sold in eight cities of Kazakhstan connected to the application by 18%.